Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Photographs by Rocky Schenck

Rocky Schenck... Family Reunion. From Photographs by Rocky Schenck at Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. "...Mr. Schenck's first book, 'Rocky Schenck: Photographs,' published in the fall of 2003, sold out within a year and is now in it's second printing. The book and accompanying exhibitions received glowing reviews from coast to coast, with PDN including it in their year end round up of 'most intriguing photo books,' writing 'it is a measure of the curious strength and unity of vision of the photographs that after you've examined all…of them, you feel... that there is no other way of seeing the world than his, that there is no other photographer you'd rather be looking at.' In her review in Paper Magazine, Ann Magnuson wrote 'Schenck’s photographs seem like buried memories you can't quite recall but continue to obsess over with the hope that by doing so you will achieve that ever-elusive breakthrough, just like in therapy... they are phantasmagoric.' Artnews described Schenck's work as 'mysteriously foreboding, as though Edgar Allan Poe might have conceived it.'"


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