Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rosa Loy: 9 Wege

Rosa Loy... Exorzismus (2006, Casein on cavnas). From the exhibition Rosa Loy: 9 Wege at David Zwirner Gallery in New York, NY. "...In her large-scale figurative paintings and intimate works on paper, Rosa Loy explores deeply personal themes: the sense of isolation and loneliness after her family’s move from her childhood village to Leipzig; the interpretation of her dreams; color symbolism; and, perhaps most importantly, the spiritual realm. Women are the key players in her paintings, yet their motives are ambiguous – discreet levels of meaning are hidden amid coded and murky symbols. In many of the works, twins or doubles appear. One figure may be Loy herself, and the double is the artist’s childhood friend with whom she was separated years ago. Loy employs three predominant settings – the post-industrial landscape around Leipzig; a domestic space (often a home, room, or studio); and a garden motif. New characters have emerged in the most recent works as these settings have grown decidedly darker and more complex."


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